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Business Problem Proposal

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Running head: Business Problem Proposal

Business Problem Proposal

Anheuser Busch

1. Business Related Problem

Anheuser Busch has seen success in the United States for decades. However, there are still problems and areas of improvement that could help to bring the business to the next level. In this business problem proposal Team C will discuss how, when and where Anheuser Busch should introduce some of their products overseas. There will be many issues that need to be addressed before any implementation can to occur.

Anheuser Busch would have to begin by verifying that the country has the potential customer base too support their product. In order to get a complete understanding of the potential customer base the company must consider age, gender, and region. Another factor to be evaluated is the number of bars and clubs located in the selected cities.

2. Analysis Related to the Importance of the Problem

There is significant evidence that proves that Anheuser Busch is not the leading provider of beer in Ireland. Ireland, per survey, has been proven to consume the third most amount of beer per volume of people. There is a large market to be contended with. Ireland is a country with a population of slightly under six million (2006/7), “with almost 4.25 million in the Republic of Ireland (1.7 million in greater Dublin) and an estimated 1.75 million in Northern Ireland (0.6 million in greater Belfast).”

Ireland’s most popular beers are Guinness and Arthur Guinness. These two companies have gone head to head for years. Guinness has also had success in the United States beer market. It is now the time for Anheuser Busch to implement their beer in Guinness’ most popular market – Ireland.

3. Evidence to Support the Significance of the Problem

In almost every industry there is a desire to expand and grow companies globally. When expansion is consider it is usually in unfamiliar territory. This is why there needs to be significant research done in order to give the company the best possible chance of having a successful project. Without the proper research completed before Anheuser Busch deploys into Ireland their chances of success will drop significantly.

Not only does Anheuser Busch need to consider the company’s product line but there are other issues as well. First, Anheuser Busch needs to determine which products are going to be implemented. Then, they must determine how they are going to distribute the products to Ireland. After that, the company must establish the regions that would be the best candidates for their products. Finally, the company must consider the hiring of new employees to distribute the product. Marketing is going to be huge. If the product is marketed to the incorrect target group, it could be a costly failure. A major transformation and market change tackles years of research and good management skills.

4. Primary & Secondary Data Sources

Team C’s primary resource will be team member Patrick Wheeler. Patrick is an employee of Anheuser Busch. He will be able to provide the team with data that will support such a move. Having a team member that actually works at the company will be very beneficial.

The team will also use the problem solving techniques learned from MBA 510 to make the best possible decisions for this corporation. Team C’s other sources will mostly be coming from Internet researches and books. Mostly all survey results and numbers used will be obtained through internet research. Another resource is

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