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Decision-Making Models

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Decision-making Models

How people make decisions can very depending upon the situation. There are many techniques that can be applied to resolving an issue or problem. Depending on the criteria a person places on the problem or issue, can lead them down certain paths for the decision making process. According to Hoch, Kunreuther, and Gunther there are two different philosophies in play when making decisions: these are reflective and expedient decision processes (Chap. 6, p. 103). The first is a more methodical and holistic approach to how one comes to a decision. The later which is common in the western world is faster and utilizes more of a gut feeling than actual facts. Another author, Lahti stipulates there are four basic decision-making models a manager can employ during this process; these are rational, political, process, and garbage can models (Lahti, 1996, ¶ 1).

Being a leader in a large organization I have used many techniques in making decisions. Living in a western culture I can understand what Hoch, say in the differences between the western culture and that of eastern cultures but the models which Lahti lays out tend to be more in-line with the thought process which I use while making decisions. The information technology field is always in a state of flux. Often times the decisions that you make can affect the business. My organization is constantly changing business processes and adjusting technologies to support those processes can be difficult. In most cases the decision model utilized to assist in making those adjustments is the rational model. The basic principle behind this model develops the goals or objectives, alternatives, consequences, and optimization (Lihti, ¶ 9). In a sense this does take a piece of the reflective process but in a more expedient manner.

People make decisions every

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