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Develop a Media Plan for Aquaderm Facial Wash

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1. Executive Summary

Media plan is a plan outlining where you are spending your advertising in the media, such as, how much you spend on press, ad-time, newspapers, magazines etc. Creating a plan will help you and your organization stay on track and be more direct in working with the media. And a well-developed media plan is important because the media is the primary education force in our society, they set the public policy agenda and frame public perception on many issues.

Mad Dog Pharmaceuticals has developed from a boutique manufacturer to be a major supplier of face cleansing and moisturizing products to the beauty industry. And recently it has invented Aqua Derm Facial Wash and want to gain attention from teen girls and young women. They want to launch into the wider community and therefore be available in retail and specialty outlets.

Thus, this media plan is determine in eight sections. Target market breakdown that explain that target market for this product covers a large area of teen and young women populated groups. So we could describe where this product is going to distribute.

The situation analysis is to understand the marketing problem. An analysis is made ot the main competitors on the basis of advertising strategy. Our main competitors are Clean & Clear (Johnson & Johnson) and Ten O Six (Bonne Bell) that has a similar product with ours. The history of these products is described as well.

Aqua Derm also expected to secure 5% market share within two years. No brand awareness from the target market is one of our marketing problems as well. The segmentation of our target market is also described in this media plan to acknowledge with our target market.

Moreover, the promotion strategy that I described has a unique way to promote. Face painting competition and the publicity has a influence to gain our target market attention. The unique advertising for our product is to gain attention and to communicate well with our target market as well. With a face painted woman celebrity is gain attention to get the target market to involve this competition as well.

Created good advertisements and selected the best media for carrying this ad to desired target market. A campaign might begin with a good media opportunity and followed by advertisements designed to take advantage of that opportunity. We have budget under $500,000, which is $361,000 to advertise but we gain the attention from our target market.

This media plan recommended to running this media plan and we can get our goals within a year. To get our goals we have to work very hard of our advertisement and the promotion as well.


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