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Health Care Marketing Through Facebook

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Marketing Case Study Draft

Ashley Bissonette

Concordia University of Wisconsin

Health Care Marketing-AL 341

Sarah Searles

September 4, 2017


What makes Facebook so successful and why is it used by all companies

today for marketing? These are the two questions I’m going to be answering in

this paper. There are other social networks available like Friendster, Orkut,

Myspace etc., still Facebook is preferred due to the number of users using

Facebook, amount of customization provided and peer pressure to be

competitive in the market.

With more than 500 million users and many adding more adding every day,

Facebook has become the preferred choice of marketers who are looking for

more innovative ways to outsmart their rivals in all fronts. Mark Zuckerberg is

the founder of Facebook and was created in 2004. It was open to all users

worldwide in 2006 and has grown in such speeds that if Facebook was a

country it would have been the 6th most populated country in the world.

According to, the US market share of Facebook in

social networking websites and forums is 61% of the total market share.

What is Facebook:

Facebook is a social networking site which was started in 2004 by Mark

Zuckerberg. It has 500 million active users. Any person who is 13 years old or

older and have a valid email address can create a user profile to Facebook.

Users can create a profile page, add others users from Facebook, add their

common interest groups, communicate with each other, share photos etc, see

news feed, applications etc. According to December 2010 report of,

an internet market research company, Facebook is the second most visited

website in the world (just behind Google.) To visit Facebook visit the link

Introducing Facebook Marketing to Business:

The question all the companies ask is how will it help them? What will be

ROI on investing in Facebook for marketing? Anyone can create a Facebook

page, but an official representative of a business can create a page and can

serve it as an admin to the page. Admin can have security given to the page like

approval needed by admin in joining the page or denying permission for user

from a particular demographic region. Pages are designed to provide basic

information of the page and can have discussion boards, ability to comment by

user assessing the page and uploading user generated contents.

Benefits for Business to consumer marketers are that they can use this

page to generate more interests in their customers. B2C were the first

marketers to realize the potential of using Facebook for marketing as they

could use their page to generate interests in their new products, or generating

news feed using user participation which allowed them to generate more

participation and also word of mouth to increase their popularity. It also

allowed the company to improve its search engine rankings.

Benefits for Business to business marketers are using Facebook as a

feedback loop where customers can ask any questions or can participate in

appreciating a product which will help in leveraging new customers. It can also

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