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It Application in Health Care

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Essay title: It Application in Health Care


After surfing for hours online, I have come across several interesting literatures that deal with the four core IT applications. I was overwhelmed by so much information that I couldn’t even decide which literature to choose. But alas, I have come across a litereature entitled Patient Safety: The Role of Information Technology . I was quite exstatic after I read this article because this is one of the project my organization is trying to integrate in our clinical system. Since I work and sometimes also a patient of my organization, I am quite aware of the impact of Information Technology on patient’s safety. And I was hoping that by doing this report, I could gain a little insight on how the use of Information Technology improve the safety of medical patients.


This article discusses the role of information technology (IT) in the reduction of

medical errors and the improvement of patient safety. The discussion begins with a

overview of the relationship between healthcare information technology and


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