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How Motivated Am I to Manage?

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How Motivated am I to Manage?

A common misconception in organizations is that everyone can be an effective manager. An example would be the top sales associate reached the peak of his company so the company puts him into management. You see this example all of the time in organizations. Just because a person has the ability to succeed in sales does not make him/her an effective manager. This assessment taps into 6 components that have been related to managerial success, especially in larger organizations. These are: favorable attitudes towards authority, a desire to compete, a desire to exercise power, assertiveness, a desire for a distinctive position, and willingness to engage in repetitive tasks. The scores vary from 6 to 42. Scores of 6 to 18 indicate a low motivation to manage. 19 to 29 have a moderate motivation to manage and 30and above have a high motivation to manage. The score I received

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