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Human Resources

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AHRI APC Unit 2 Assessment 2


Unit No. & Title:

Unit Two. The HR Organisational Environment.

Assessment Task No. & Title:

Work Based Report

Date of Submission:

Tuesday 28th June, 2016.

Assessment Word Range:

3400 – 4000 words

Actual Assessment Submission Word Count:

3841 (pages  3 – 20)

No. of Pages Included in Assessment Submission:

22 including cover sheet

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Student Name:

Angella Everingham

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Day Time Phone No.:

07 5493 2888

Mobile No.:

0433 718 538


Date of Submission:

Tuesday 28th June, 2016.


In completing this document and lodging it with your assessment submission you are acknowledging that:

  1. You have read and understood AHRI’s policy on plagiarism (available in the APC Program Student Handbook);
  2. The work you have submitted is your original work; and
  3. No other persons work has been used without due acknowledgement.

AHRI APC Unit 2 Assessment 2

Business Case

Human Resources

Learning & Development

Version 1.0

June 2016

Alive & Kicking Medical Practices Pty Ltd

174 Brisbane Rd

Mooloolaba QLD 4557

Compiled by Angie Everingham

Table of Contents

1.        Executive Summary        

1.1.        Issue        

1.2.        Anticipated Outcomes        

2.        Introduction and Background        

3.        Problem Definition and Impact Statement        

3.1.        Problem Statement        

3.2.        Organisational Impact        

4.        Project Initiative        

4.1.        Project Description        

4.2.        Goals and Objectives        

4.3.        Project Performance        

4.4.        Project Assumptions        

4.5.        Project Constraints        

5.        Project Benefits | Strategic Alignment        

6.        Risks        


9.        Review and Approval        

  1. Executive Summary

In order to effectively support the strategic outcomes of Alive & Kicking Medical Practices, and keep the business on the cutting edge of medical clinics on the Sunshine Coast, this business case has been developed to highlight the need for and advantages of adopting a formal pathway for learning and development for our valued staff.

Without a formal pathway for learning, our administrative staff members are falling behind the latest technology within the sector, and our clinical staff members are no longer in line with the latest advances in medical practice, equipment and procedures or RACGP Standards.

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