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Krispy Kreme Marketing Plan

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Medium/Activity Analysis- Internet

Characteristics of Online Advertising

In 1994, online advertising first took surface and throughout the years they faced many obstacles. At first advertising was only in print media, for example newspapers and magazines, later followed to television and radio broadcast. Soon tension started to switch from television and radio to online advertising. Advertising found completely a new medium to communicate to their customers. Online advertising is producing dynamic changes through the history of advertising.

Interacted Marketing Communication

Interactive media is developing new technology through the internet. Ad Age’s is an interactive website that sort of began online advertising. The use of online advertising is growing at a fast pace, it is estimated that the online advertising industry will grow three times than any other medium. When using advertising on the internet it creates creative and innovative advertisements, this medium offers great ability in appealing, engaging, and interacting with audiences there are many different advertising methods ranging from banner ads to interactive pop-up advertisement messages. Different advertisements attract different audience responses, many advertisements have there attractions and limitations. Banner ads are getting popular day-by-day, they allow companies to effectively use their banner space, while at the same time earning revenue. This medium creates eye-catching, innovative, and unique advertisements; some designs can be best suited on the internet. Online advertisements focus on graphics, style, format, colour, and target audience; these attributes help them achieve most effective and efficient advertisement. By understanding these designs, a company can generate successful campaigns that reach target groups or sometimes even achieve more than their goal.

Other Products that use Online Advertising

There are many online companies that use internet as one for their main mediums, for example EBay and Amazon, those two have their entire company running on the internet, these two companies also mainly focused advertising by banners and pop-ups. A lot of smaller companies have started to go online; instead of buying a store location they rent space at a warehouse, and ship items from there.

The Typical Audience Members

The internet has changed over the years, and so did the users. More and more youth are getting attracted to the internet than the elders. There was a survey taken last year around the first to second quarter, they had percentages of what age groups used the internet. 88% of users use the internet through the ages of 18-29 years old, which means only 12% age do not use the internet. 84% of users use the internet through the ages of 30-49 years old. This is due mostly to people who are office workers. 71% of users use the internet through the ages of 50-64 years old. For the last age group, 32% of users use the internet at the age of 65+; remaining 68% either don’t have computers or don’t know how to use them.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Even though there are disadvantages and advantages of online advertising businesses are acknowledging that communication is fast and efficient way. Online advertising is low in cost when you are dealing with customers and this is a major advantage of advertising online. Every medium has there strengths and weaknesses whether it is expensive to advertise or just to annoying as a medium, they will always have there strengths in different areas, it all depends who you targets are and according to your target groups, you will pick your medium. Many advertisers did not always share the same views in regards to what they perceived to be the greatest strengths and weaknesses of advertising on the Internet. The internet’s targeting capabilities are one of its greatest strengths as an advertising medium, surveys were conducted and around 28% of advertisers picked this was one of the main strengths. The second greatest strength of the internet is high accountability; it hits around 25% by all advertisers and publishers when the survey was taken. When looking at all the strengths everyone mentioned the most often were effective targeting and high accountability, these two were the most common address by

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