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Kudler Fine Foods: Overview of Management

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Kudler Fine Foods is an up scaled epicurean gourmet food shop that was founded in 1998 by Kathy Kudler. Kathy Kudler has opened three stores her first store opened in La Jolla in1998, her second store opened in Del mar in 2000, and the third store in Encinitas in 2003.

Kudler Fine Foods uses the internet and intranet to keep up important records for their employees and customers. Allowing their management to follow through as needed on its employees and keep accurate data. The intranet allows the management team accessibility to forward information the company’s main internet source.

The primary functions of the management process consist of planning and strategizing, organizing, leading and controlling. The planning process helps different parts of the organization set future objectives and to develop activities necessary to achieve those objectives.

Kathy Kudler has the management task of having the planning skills for her business. Kathy is responsible for placing orders that are received from the department managers of each individual store. Advertising is coordinated and prepared as needed for the future. Kathy determined what should be offered in the gourmet food stores and what’s being advertised and has the decision to determine selling prices. Kathy is the only person whom handles legal counseling if an accident occurs in a store. Kathy oversees the department manager through the store manager. The department manager is responsible for supervising full-time and part-time employees. This person determines what is stocked based on sales and manages the budget. The manager also implements policies to human resources and plans the department layouts. Kathy oversees the store manager who is responsible for and supervises the department managers, cashiers, baggers, stockers, assistant managers and clerks. The store manager manages the store and oversees daily activities and fills in when necessary.

The second management process is organizing it involves specifying how the firms human, financial, physical, informational and technical resources are arranged and coordinated to perform task to achieve desired goals.

Harvey Stephens has the management task as organizing. He is the Director of Finance and Accounting and is responsible for the plans and directs the finance and accounting activities. Developing and implementing goals and policies that are related to financial management. Harvey Stephens oversees the accounting clerk who maintains all the accounting records and assures the accuracy of all monies received. The computer support specialist installs and repairs computers and provides training and technical assistance. This is reported to the Director of Finance and Accounting

The third management process is leading it involves energizing people to contribute their best individually and in cooperation with other people.

Brenda Wagner has the management task as leading she is the Director of Administration and human resources. Brenda develops the policies and directs and coordinates Administrative and human resources activities that are related to all employees. Brenda must have knowledge of state and federal employment guidelines. The human resource assistant assists the human resource manager as well as the store managers maintain personal records and must have excellent organizational skills. Human resource assistant and Administrative Assistant are overseen by the Director of Administration and human resources.

The fourth management process is controlling. Controlling consist of measuring performance, comparing it to objectives, implementing necessary changes and monitoring process.

Yvonne Reynolds has the management task of controlling; she is the Director of Store Operations and manages the operation of all three stores. Yvonne is responsible the purchasing manager coordinates activities for disbursing materials, supplies and oversees all activities related to procurement of commodity and purchase through delivery of commodity. The inventory manager makes sure that the inventory levels are maintained and records are kept. This person must be proficient in the point of sales system that is being used. The purchasing assistant compiles information and prepares orders which are directed by the purchasing manager. This person must have strong administrative and math skills. The purchasing manager and assistant along with the inventory clerk is a controlling function with management.

Kudler Fine Food provides its customers with information pertaining to their company via their internet site. The hours of operation and locations are posted. A short summary of how the company was established and became a reality is available on their home page. Listed on the web

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