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Kudler Fine Foods Overview of Management

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Essay title: Kudler Fine Foods Overview of Management


Overview of Management

John Ellis, BSIT

University of Phoenix

Overview of Management

This paper looks at Kudler Fine Foods, a provider of gourmet food and wares. Management is creative problem solving, and accomplishing this task requires four functions of management: organizing, leading, planning, and controlling. The intended result is the use of an organization’s resources in a way that accomplishes its mission and objectives. Specifically, this paper examines the role players at Kudler Fine Foods, the use of technology, and examples of Porter’s five-force model as it relates to Kudler Fine Foods.

Primary Functions of Management


Yvonne Reynolds, Director of Store Operations, manages the operations of three stores, including inventory, purchasing, and logistics. She is also responsible for store safety, facility maintenance, security, and compliance with state and federal regulations.


Brenda Wagner, Director of Administration and Human Resources, develops policies, directs and coordinates administrative and human resources activities, such as employment, compensation, labor relations, benefits, training, and employee services.


Store Managers Kent Vesper, La Jolla; Laurie Priest, Del Mar; Jaunita Lopez, Encinitas, manage the retail stores and engage in selling gourmet foods by performing the following duties (among many others) personally or though subordinate supervisors:

1. Manage store within established budgets and operating guidelines.

2. Plans and prepares work schedules and assigns employees to specific duties.

3. Formulate pricing policies on merchandise in conjunction with corporate guidance.


Harvey Stephens, Director of Finance and Accounting, develops and implements goals, policies, priorities, and procedures relating to financial management, budget, accounting, and payroll. Mr. Stephens also supervises and participates in the preparation of financial statements and reports, and develops accounting procedures to maintain accurate records of receipts and expenditures.

Technology and the Internet

Kudler Fine Foods utilizes Point-Of-Sale terminals at each of its three stores to track items, quantities, prices, taxes, and totals for all daily sales transactions. Each store contains four POS terminals, all linked to an in-house server to store database files gathered at time of sale. This utilization in database technology is an important step in advancing sales, marketing, and inventory controls; however, Kudler Fine Foods fails to benefit from technology and the internet by continuing to use printed forms as their key tracking and financial document. Filling out and printing forms from a database server linked to the POS database server achieves a synchronized and updated inventory database and a digital tracking document.

Kudler Fine Foods squanders use of the internet by using a static Web site. Alternately, contracting for a professionally built Web site that makes use of current internet technology provides Kudler Fine Foods the opportunity to inform, entertain, and empower their customers. Owner, Kathy Kudler, contains the knowledge to write an interesting and informational blog that viewers to her site would anticipate and enjoy reading.

Porter’s Five Forces

Porter’s five-force model provides business managers with a framework to discern the influences affecting an industry. Following are examples of the five-force model as it relates to Kudler Fine Foods.

Barriers to Entry

Kudler Fine Foods benefits from several barriers to entry in the marketplace by competition as the Gourmet Food industry requires proprietary knowledge and tools to enter. Further, Government regulations and controls

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