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Management: Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling

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Management: Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling

Management requires for one to be familiar with all aspects that are essential in having a successful and prosperous place of business. There are four vital parts of management. The first one is planning which requires to set a destination for the business; how to guiding it into the right direction, knowing how to guide it, and knowing if it is not you are not in the direction you want the planning going. The second is organizing which is the arrangements taken to coordinate and plan. The third is leading in which management stimulates individuals to be good performers. The last role is controlling, which is defined as monitoring and apply necessary changes. Each organization can be related to these aspects as they are required in order to be a success.

When it comes to business planning, usually requires that the idea or steps be carefully examined to be put into place. It is necessary that one verify if there will be a market for it as well. One needs to know who and what the competitor or competition is. The planning will need to original so that it can be competitive noticed by the market. Business planning will involve the idea will be produced for service and how much money will be involved and how it will be advertised. Planning will need to have goals that must be accomplished and how to develop it’s operations. Management Planning, sitting Business planning is usually conducted when starting a new organization or a new major venture, for example, new product, service or program. Essentially, a business plan is a combination of a marketing plan, strategic plan, operational/management plan and a financial plan. Far more important than the plan document, is the planning process itself.(

Getting a plan into preparation requires one to be patient as it is long and overwhelming. When it comes to planning and relating it to may place of employment, it requires for the organization to develop or plan a list of clients or potential customers. The planning will have to provide the direction and the work that will be promised or offered. The main function of an organization is to manage and run a it smoothly. The word manage involves the task execution and having a good plan. My organization requires that we give propositions and how the service

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