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Marketing Communications Ford

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Executive Summary

This report highlights the importance of Marketing Communications; the role of Marketing Communications, analysis of the Automobile Industry and the analysis and practical application of Marketing Communication strategies by Ford Motor Co. the report also shows Ford’s Corporate Social Responsibility and the practice of Ethical Marketing.

The targeting, segmentation and positioning by Ford are also analyzed. Finally the report provides recommendations on how to improve the marketing communications and suggest strategies that the company should use along with the current marketing communication strategies.

Background and Importance of Marketing Communications

Marketing communications is a management process of conveying the information regarding a product or service to an audience who may buy or influence people or an organization’s decision regarding the buying of the product or service.

Marketing communications is an extremely essential tool not only for business but for all kind of transactions and exchanges to take place successfully. The importance of marketing communications is also emphasized by

Fill (2005) 4th ed. Marketing Communications, Essex, Prentice Hall, pg 7.

“Marketing communications is an audience-centered activity. It provides the means by which brands and organizations are presented to their audiences. The goal is to stimulate a dialogue that will, ideally, lead to a succession of purchases. This interaction represents an exchange between each organization and each customer, and according to quality and satisfaction of the exchange process, will or will not be repeated. It follows, therefore, that communication is a very important and integral part of the exchange process, and it is the skill and judgment of management that determines, in most cases, success or failure.”

To study the importance and practical application of the objectives, strategies, activities and evaluation techniques of marketing communications, we as a group have decided to analyze Ford UK amongst all brands of the Ford Motor Company which include:

Industry Background

The development of the automobile came from many different people from different countries. The development stated in 1769 in France, with the invention of a three-wheeler that was powered by steam (Gale, 2003). Henry Ford built the first car in 1896 (Gale, 2003). He then revolutionized the industry with the invention of the assembly line. The assembly line allowed him to mass-produce the cars making them more affordable to the consumers.

For many years now, the baby boomers generation has been the main target market for just about every product. As their generation is getting ready to retire and spend less money, the automakers are looking at the younger generations. Right now, the focus is starting to turn towards the baby boomers children (Generation X) who are in their mid 20’s and 30’s and Generation Y(Winter, 2002). GenYer’s are now hitting the age where they are able to buy cars. According to Drew Winter, “Analysts say that five years from now Gen X and Gen Y combined will account for at least 40% of vehicle sales.”

Macro-Environment: PEST Analysis

Political. UK is an extremely stable political country especially in the long-term with strict monitoring and regulations enforced by industry watch dogs.

Economic. The recent hike in interest and increase in fuel prices has led to the fall in demand for cars due to the decrease in affordability as confirmed by interim industry reports, as the issue has taken place recently, immediate analysis of the long-term implication is not available.

Social. The increase by the government and public to cut down carbon emission has led to development of new technology by most major car manufacturers like Toyota and Ford. These environmental saving measures have been possible through ground-breaking research and development.

Technological. To compete with the speed of technolization, car manufacturers are introducing new features to act as unique selling points. One of the latest Ford achievements with conventional vehicle technology is the new Ford Focus ECOnetic range.

“Ford Motor Company is working on a variety of hybrid technologies taking into account diverse local

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