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New Media to the Old Media

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Media todays can be separate to the old media (radio, TV and print media) and new media (website, multimedia, apps). It has occupied almost over a half of an individual’s times.

Old and new media both have pros and cons which is complemented. The old media are more stable and trustable, yet new media are more effective and more transmissible.

Nowadays, the trend of media technology world nowadays is more inclined to the new media instead of the old media as the new media is more attractive and interesting. The transformation of old media to new media has bring a huge impact to the world.

The occurred of new media brings to the media convergence the so called merging the old and new media into one. New media convergence of the technological concept but also the culture and social. Convergence of culture shows the two ways relationships between a corporation and consumer.

Besides, new media have affected the traditional PR industry. The New media consumer are more active and socially connected. Therefore, PR professional today has changed to the PR 2.0, which more make use of the new media tools to fulfill the demand of consumers.

Let’s discuss in terms of business and consumer.

New media has changed the way of corporation to run their business. Instead of using the old media, corporation could make use of the new media for example via social media, blog and website to increase their brand image, product, sales revenue and more.  New media has bring to the new media marketing which involves promoting products, services and brands through the online channels.

Furthermore, consumer behavior changed between old and new media especially on decision making. Consumer today are more reliable on online peer reviews and recommendation of a product and service. Consumer may directly use the searching engine in the internet to look for the review and comments instead of purchase an item without knowing the pros and cons.  

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