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New Product Process

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New Product Process

Designs for Speed to Market

Since the nanny cam is going to be introduced into the market as a product that can be used with the option of discretion, it is important that our design includes hardware that can be hidden within the homes of our customers. The main goal is to make sure it goes undetected by those who are being watched with the surveillance equipment. So we have decided to use a camera lens that is small enough to fit inside appliances and/or household accessories. The actual camera lens can be as small as 3.6 millimeters. The lens comes with the option to use black/white or color picture options. It can have a motion sensor attached to it to automatically start recording when motion is detected. The lens also has to have the capability to be shot from a variety of angles to fit the customers view preference.

We used pre existing product ideas that are currently on the market that many people already use. This is to enhance the hidden feature we are going to advertise once the product is launched. So for instance, we may take an ordinary clock that mounts on a wall. Disassemble it, and install our miniature spy camera lens in the center where the two hands join, and reassemble it. Or you can get a Hi-Resolution camera hidden inside an operational VCR. The covert camera is on the face of this Nanny VCR and the unit records discretely. The display screen is disabled, giving the appearance that the VCR is off, while it's recording. In both of these cases the lens is so small that it will just blend in with the structure of the clock or VCR, and therefore will not be noticed. There are other household appliances and accessories that will be available for our customer’s to choose from. We will have VCR’s, teddy bear’s, digital and wall clocks, speakers, lamps, books, and many others. There are just so many innocent everyday objects to choose from, you’re sure to find something that would fit right into your home without anyone knowing.

Design for Ease of Manufacture

Cameras consist of a few basic components. A misadjustment of any component during the manufacturing process can affect the kind of photo or video produced. So first there is the viewfinder. This is the part you look through to view the subject to be viewed. Next, there is the lens. The lens displays what the viewfinder sees. This controls the magnification and angle of view. The aperture is the opening made of overlapping metal inside the lens that allows light through to the shutter. It works kind of like the pupil of the eye where it can be opened wider or narrower. The advantage of this is being able to adjust the contrast, shade, and sharpness of your photo. Then there is the receiver. This is the viewing device used. It’s usually put into a separate location that only the owner knows about. Some cameras however will come wireless and therefore will not need the use of the receiver. The images work with a TV, DVR, Camcorder and VCR you already have. You’ll just need a video in RCA connector.

Our wired and wireless systems come completely ready to use right out the box. The wireless will be our bestsellers because it is easy to use and install. Customers will be able to easily set up, shoot, and recorded images within 5 minutes. The wired versions will be able to do the same thing the wireless can, except you’ll have to hide the cords. Wired hidden cameras require a physical connection (that means a cord) to the viewing recording or device. Hiding the cords will require professional installation.

Design to Meet Customer Needs

In this stage of the process the main objection is to take into consideration concerns customers may have about the product. The nanny cams or nanny cameras seek to carry out in-house surveillance and are especially set up for monitoring the activities of the child care provider or home care givers. They remain concealed within teddy bears used for cuddling by the child or a clock or pot containing a plant or some other suitable object. It is common to find the standard nanny cams to come accompanied with built in wireless transmitters that transmit the video pictures of activities in the room taken by the nanny cam. Recording devices kept in some other room receive the transmitted signals using wireless receivers and record the video pictures.

There are a host of surveillance functions of nanny cams. Apart from recording the activities of the nannies the nanny cams as in-house surveillance systems also help out in other ways. These spying techniques help keep an eye on the activities of professional cleaners who may be occasionally hired for cleaning up the home. They can help keep watch over occasional in-house sitter service activities opted for. It can capture criminals

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