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Tv Production Process

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Tv Production Process

1.1 Overview of the Television Production process

Typically the audiovisual production should start from an idea and go till the circulation stage covering different stage of production, process of refinement in between. The audiovisual production process is broadly divided into following three stages.

1) Pre production,

2) Production, and

3) Post production

Pre Production stage includes work on idea / concept, plan about the budget and the format for shooting, treatment, and research and script development, story board preparation, developing the shooting script.

Production stage includes work on the actual shooting part, recording the narration, voice over.

The post production work includes mainly the processing work of logging the tapes, video and audio editing, sound mixing, mastering, and producing multiple copies for circulation.

1.2 Roles and responsibilities involved in the AV production


Answerable to the financers and people who are in decision-making capacity.


Oversees production as a whole. Role is primarily fiscal and logistical.


Answerable to the producer


Quality and meaning of the final production, develops the cast and the script, supervises the shooting and editing work.


Answerable to director. Responsible for the look of the final production, develops the camera, lights in consultation with the director.

Sound recordist

Answerable to the cameraperson. Responsible for the sound quality, arranges and checks for the mikes and develops sound track.

Production Manager

Answerable to the producer. She/he is the producer’s delegate and closely concerned with the pre production and post production work. Takes care of all the arrangement for the shoot. Finding accommodation, booking rented equipments, travel and food arrangements, watch the ash flow.

Script supervisor/ Continuity supervisor

Answerable to the director. During shooting continuously monitor the process from editing point of view to bring the required quality.


Answerable to the director. The editor is responsible for transferring the raw materials of sound and visuals into the film seen by the audience.

1.3 Pre production


Any idea can be a good one. The essence of the video camera is that it allows you to develop that idea and present it an audience in an interesting and compelling manner. You are able to express your particular opinions on a subject and hopefully, draw your audience towards that view point. When making your own documentary or film.

Team Effort

When done collectively, making a video programme can create a strong feeling of community spirit. Anyone can enjoy it. Each person’s input is important, and everybody can have a role within the crew. One person looks after the sound recording the camera or lighting. Others become directors or presenters with each role interacting with another to help create a more professional-looking programme. With each successive production the responsibilities of each member of the crew can alter thereby giving each person a chance to test skills at the various specialties and allowing them to discover which they enjoy most.

Subject Matter

When developing your idea it is worth considering the following;

Do you have strong feelings about a certain subject? If so who do you want to express those feelings to? Will your feelings unbalance your sense of fairness?

Is there a subject that you are personally interested in and could that subject be of interest to others? If constructed properly any subject can entertain an audience.

Ideas are strange things; sometimes you have dozens and other times you have none. To help to overcome this it is a good idea to maintain an �idea notebook’. As soon as an idea comes to you for a programme or ways to help make that programme write it down.

Remember your main

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