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Online Food Order System

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Identify a technological opportunity that you propose to assess. For each of the following criteria, discuss how your proposed idea stacks up.

Technological Opportunity: (hereafter referred to as CM) will provide an easy to use and navigate user interface that will allow users to place online order at any of the participating restaurants within the given area. The website will also allow users to place order for weekly or weekend lunches and dinner choosing from the available cuisine types. Every order placed at CM will earn user points that can be redeemed for gift vouchers from the participating restaurants. The workflow diagram for site navigation is described below:


Order food online from restaurants take outs

Order homemade lunches and dinners

Order for small parties

Select frequency and cuisine type

Enter zip code, select the desired radius

Select cuisine type

View the weekly menu

Place an Order

Select from restaurant or home providers

Place an order

Place an order

Earn points, save order history

1. Market

1.1 Need for technology

Americans love takeout. However ordering on the phone is a pain sometimes specially when

a. You have misplaced the take out menu

b. You know the menu but prices are not displayed on the website. You are down to last 100 dollars that need to last the whole week

c. You like to make substitutions

d. You have difficult pronouncing ingredient names

e. You love ethnic food but cant understand ethnic waiters

The site would cater to the following main clientele

a. The Business Person

They work hard all day and often stay overnight in a strange city. CM with its global presence would allow them to order food from the same user interface they are familiar with from the comfort of their room and the food would be delivered hot and fresh while they shower

b. Special dietary needs

People with special dietary needs (kosher, vegetarian) can research the menu online and make appropriate selection after determining the ingredients and nutritional information available on the site.

c. Double Income couples

Double income couples often face shortage of time to shop and cook and freezer dinners tend to be expensive and boring and often have poor nutritional content. They can opt to have dinner delivered to there houses on days they foresee they will be busy. They can place the order on weekends and relax knowing food will be hot and ready when they reach home.

d. Ethnic

People from ethnic areas like IndiaChinaGreece often crave home cooked Indian food. This would be a great place to get them home

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