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Product and Promotion

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Daniel J Cross

Dr. Virginia Rae

BUS 100-100F


Product and Promotion

Quality Level: “How well product performs its core functions”. (Kelly & Williams, 2015 p. 196).

Product Consistency: “How reliably a product delivers its promised level of quality”. (Kelly & Williams, 2015 p. 196).

Brand: “A products identity including product name, symbol, design, reputation, and image. That sets it apart from other players in the same category” (Kelly & Williams, 2015 p. 197).

Twenty years in the future, cars will have autopilot, personal aircrafts will a normal sight, a man will be on mars, perhaps even a colony. Technology will take adverse shapes and sized to meet the needs of an ever growing population. Not only will technology become orientated differently but there will be more technology that has next to no operator input. Cars will not need a driver anymore. The driving force for this change is direction, death. Adapt or die is the clear message being telegraphed to our society. We as a race have failed in preserving our planet, the generations before us have handed us a bomb about to explode. We have already done insurmountable damage to our planet and the surrounding ecosystems, I believe that in the future our focus will just be on trying to keep this planet habitable.

Technology will be more focused on providing support to our race then it will be about convince, not to say that technology will not make things even easier than they are now. There are so many looming disasters in today’s world that go unspoken of. Climate change is ongoing and it only getting worse. The effect the human race has had on our planet is almost parasitic. We are chopping down the few forests we have left and building in the few areas that could have still been considered wild. The human race is responsible for the extinction of thousands of species. Technology will be catering to what we have done to our planet by the year 2025. Our population will be feed by GMO’s and other ways of making farming more efficient than ever.

        I think the most needed product of the future will be the technician. The more automated technology becomes the harder it is to understand. With no user input the average user has very little knowledge about their products. With nothing but a start and stop button it would be very hard to even troubleshoot or try to learn about the product. It is inevitable that people will need technicians with knowhow to repair their products. From cars to home networks, the more complex they become, the higher the need will be for technicians. The best market for new businesses would be to start training technicians to be able to work on new technology and to keep them up to date with new releases. When a new technology is released the amount of people that can properly work on it is very low, creating a nice market niche.

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