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The Evaluation of an In-House Publication

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The Evaluation of an In-house Publication

Table of Contents

Presentation of contributions


Publication and business details

Contents list


An evaluation of an in-house publication according to the guidelines it should fulfill. Companies and businesses distribute an in-house publication monthly or annually, containing the activities, achievements and goals of the company or business, which is dispersed into the public. Abases’ in-house journal the Abacus for August 2005 has been selected for evaluation in this assignment.

“Every annual report normally contains the same kind of information, but reports differ from company to company as to their order or their headings. Most contain the following five elements: (1) a letter from the chairperson; (2) the auditor’s report; (3) financial statements; (4) a longer section narrating pertinent facts about the past year’s operation; (5) photos and charts” (Nowson, Turk & Kruckeberg 2004: 266). The Abacus contains a chairperson’s letter, the section about the year’s operations, photos and charts. Though the monthly report excludes the financial statements and the auditor’s reports, the annual report includes these vital details of the recent financial situation.

“Its impact an all audiences should be weighed, but specifically its effect on priority publics should be determined.” (Nowson, Turk & Kruckeberg 2004: 266) The Abacus includes all audiences and projects for these audiences namely the elderly, the disabled, adults and youths. “The heart beats even more strongly for Absa’s employees with disabilities” (Abacus August;2005:37) ”Absa has launched a campaign to recognize and reward customers who have been with the bank for 50 years or longer.” (Abacus August; 2005:12)

“Many annual reports contain copy that touts diversity in the workforce and professes a commitment to teamwork.” (Nowson, Turk & Kruckeberg 2004: 266) Absa promotes diversity in the workplace by appointing different races and genders to top positions in the organization. Absa also maintains a commitment to workers operating as a team. “Venete Klein, newly appointed executive director, is part of the new face of Absa. She is driving Absa into new markets and a new way of thinking about how the banking group interacts with the full cross-section of South Africa.” ” (Abacus August; 2005:52)

Table 1: Strong points and weak points of the Abacus August addition for 2005.

Strong points Weak points

Future prospective No form of conclusion

Accomplishments Not very objective

Social events No indication of past development

Bilingual No financial statements

Chair person letter Few factual information

Photo’s and charts No auditors report

Cultural sensitive No indication of problems and solutions

Diversity in workplace

Diverse audience


Structured and informative

Proper language and understandable

Openness to Suggestion

Names of authors indicated

Adequate information

Correct title

Figure 1: Graphic illustration of strong and weaknesses.

Presentation of contributions

“The contribution should contain a heading indicating

• The title, and if necessary, the subtitle;

• The name(s) of the athor(s) with firstname(s) or initial(s) in alphabetical order if each author contributed equally, otherwise the main author is mentioned first or indicated by an asterisk;

• Affiliation(s).” (D.E. Haag 1986:4)

The Abacus complies to the above criteria of title, authors and affiliations

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