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Virtual and Augmented Reality

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Virtual and Augmented Reality

No, we don’t believe that these VAR marketing trends will be forgotten very soon, even more we believe it’s here to stay. Besides the examples mentioned in the provided articles, multiple different companies have chosen to use VR in order to promote their products, services or even image. For example, one of the most popular fast food chains in the world, McDonald’s has managed to create Happy Meal Boxes that fold into a VR box. In this way, they paved the way for this technology to be available to masses in a simple, fun and affordable way.

Moreover, another big company who has jumped on the VR bandwagon is Volvo which a few years ago when they released a VR app for test driving. This app is very convenient for people who don’t live near a car dealership. Volvo constantly updates the app with new version that can be easily downloaded on a smartphone or tablet. Besides this, the app even offers ‘’weekend escapes’’ which is a feature that includes 360-landscape, giving enthusiasts the opportunity to drive around in their VR car around beautifully-rendered scenery. Altogether these ideas have put Volvo back on the map again.

One more example would be New York Times, which a few years ago, delivered Google Cardboard Glasses for their loyal subscribers, thus giving a sense of brand loyalty and reward. In this way, those subscribers were able

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