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"impact" Environment Statement

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- Affordable Change

The changes that we are planning to make with IMPACT must align with their budgets and expenditure. We are looking at changing the name and market identity of IMPACT- the advertising needs to sit within the costs of the budget, as well as all other goods and services that we may need to help this along.

- Increase in day-to-day costs

When IMPACT organise activities within their organisation for the clients they need to ensure that the costing is kept to a minimum.

All things need to be taken into consideration when determining both the price they will charge to the clients as well as the suitability of the activity in regards to the cost, it needs to be affordable for both the organisation as well as its members in order for it to be successful.

This information ties in with the internal economic factors as, a raise in general running costs, i.e.; water, electricity, gas, food, materials and petrol, to give a few examples, would have to be factored into the final costings for all activities run within the organisation.

A list of their activities is contained within their monthly newsletter, the cost of these sessions range from nil to $4, which shows the importance they place on having low-budget activities.

- Price rises due to market inflation

A rise in everyday prices effect everyone, the focus in this organisation is on its clients. IMPACT clients rely on Government payments as income, a rise in transport could effect their ability to attend IMPACT. Many of their clients are able to independently travel to IMPACT via public transport, a rise in ticket prices may make it harder for these people to be able to afford public transport.


- Government Budgets and Grants

IMPACT is a community based not-for-profit organisation which is funded through the Department of Human Services.

The Government Grants are fundamental to the organisation. The budgets are set at the beginning of each financial year for a period of twelve months at a time. When setting a budget, they must factor in rising costs as well as forecast future economical change.

- Aging Population: Economic Implications

Currently Human Services represents 49% of total Local Government expenditure, putting pressure on current budgets. As the population ages this percentage needs to increase, however, realistically Government could not afford to do this. Small organisations, such as IMPACT, may be the first people to feel the effect of budget short-falls and.



- Age of Clients

The age of clients at IMPACT range from 18 to 60, and this seems to be evenly spread. When there is a notable change in ages of clients then IMPACT must cater to the varying age groups. This would require a change in activities as well as a possible change in the facilities that IMPACT currently have.

The changes that we are wanting to make need to be age appropriate so that IMPACT can continue to attract the current clientele base.

- Aging Population: Volunteers

Currently, over 25% of the Australian population are people aged over 65. IMPACTS volunteer base is mainly made up of people aged over 55 who have retired. New volunteers will need to be found in order for IMPACT to continue running their programmes effectively as they rely on these volunteers for their organisation to be successful.




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