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The Impacts of Event to the Host Region and It Become an Important Role in the Global Environment

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The Impacts of Event to the Host Region and It Become an Important Role in the Global Environment

The Impacts of Event to the Host Region and It Become an Important Role in the Global Environment


During the past decade many different cultures have been introduced to our world through international events such as; the Sydney Olympic Games, the 2006 FIFA World Cup and the Show of Peace concert in Beijing. Millions of people around the world have been influenced by these historical moments. These events have caused a chain reaction of changes that gave people the motivation to better the world. During such festive times more and more people began exploring different cultures and sharing their own cultures. Moreover, these events brought experiences to create a friendly environment as transportation, media and culture communication are readily accessible to tourists. An event can not only optimize a countries economic condition but also provide international attention for the host region. This research essay will discuss how different kinds of events can benefit a countries economic and social culture. It will also explain why these events are becoming an important factor in global environment.

Host region

Each host region has its benefits and doubts. The climate of a host region is an important factor which is needed in deciding how and what events can be held there. Olympic Games as one of the biggest international sports event can creat huge positive effect to the host region. Therefore, every country want to win the chance for hosting the Olympic Games. For example, China is a highly developing country and plays an important role in international economic and social situations. The Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 gave China the opportunity to show the world the majestic country. By holding such event, China showed the world that PRC contain both a rich history and a belief in the future. Also, China has received a lot of tourist income due to the Games. During the Games, the global curiosity of China has manifested and social relations have been greatly improved. This research paper want to take focus on the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 and discuss how the Olympic Games effects China through this international mega-sports event.

Social impacts

As a Social and cultural carrier, Event have been influenced the modern world a lot. People now clearly understand that event can have positive effect to the host region. It shows in the following?

Sharing experience

.It is usually the sharing of experience through the event. These events can produce a public environment for studying through tourism. The event designer may draw on the experience from others and gain cultural insight. Sometimes, they do share the useful information with each other to improve the technology and skills through the event. "It can be seen a kind of culture and experience exchange" (Allen, et al. R.2002).event can be seen as a kind of platform cooperation for improving both culture communication and economic exchanges. Certainly, it's beneficial for both host region and cooperation country to develop them this way. For example, Chinese Olympic committee decides to cooperate with Australia which holds Sydney Olympic Games successfully in 2000. In this case, Australia already has had a successful experience and many professionals regarding such events. Also, Australia would be very happy to offer their Olympic experience to China. Sandy Hollway, AO, former chief executive of the Sydney Olympics organizing committee hinted to Business Beijing that, notwithstanding the success of the Athens 2004 Olympics, "Australia is still leading the world in support for Beijing 2008" (Patterson, E. 2005). China can use all the useful resources to develop their skill and expertise. Even improve and perfect the activity in Beijing Olympic Games. Australia also can attract talents through this cooperative opportunity. For instance, The National Aquatics Centre, known as 'The Water Cube' is a building designed by Australian designer John Pauline and Chinese design group. This can be a kind of China-Australia cultural exchange. Today, in the global environment, the whole world does really need a carrier to communicate with each other. They can study the new technology or absorb useful knowledge through events. Then it can become a more and more important thing for people to exchange experience.

Building community pride

Additionally, these events can build pride for the host community, when the event host in the host location, especially a mega-event. The host community will be the interest of international media or coverage. It will attract the whole world to pay attention

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