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1.01 Forensic Assignment

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- discuss how science plays a crucial role in many courtrooms? The evidence that they present have to make enough sense for the jurors and judges to make their decision.

-how has television impacted the field of forensic science? People see forensic science on TV thinking its accurate compared to the way the field functions. This is known as the CSI effect.

-explain the process behind the scientific method and how it has the potential to lead to a "feedback loop"? First scientist observe the phenomenon of the crime scene, or autopsy suite, or lab. Then they use that data to create a hypothesis to what happened, next they make a prediction of what they will observe when testing the hypothesis. Then they test those predictions through experimentation. No matter how many outcomes they get consistent with the validity of the hypothesis, you can always conceive another test, so this becomes a feedback loop where a well- tested hypothesis eventually becomes known as a theory.

-explain the purpose of a trial and the roles of those in the courtroom. Its to define and find the quest for truth, and to find whether or not a particular suspect is guilty of the particular crime. The prosecutor's role is to be a minister of justice and seek justice by offering evidence to the judge or the jury seeking to prove their theory that the defendant committed a certain crime. the role if the defense

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