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Cause and Effect of Divorce

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Every 36 seconds, there is one divorce in the U.S. That means that 2,400 divorces happen in one day, 16,800 divorces happen in one week and 876,000 divorces happen in one year. The highest divorce rate is in the age group of 20-24 years of age. Marriages often end in divorce due to lack of communication, failure to know each other well before making a commitment and change in society and morals.

Lack of communication is one of the biggest reasons why marriages fail. Communicating doesn't necessarily mean that you will always agree. It means that you talk about things and work them out. It may take a while to work them out, but compromisation is essential. There are two parts to communication. They are talking and listening. Both people have to have a role in communication to have a successful relationship.

"Relationships are usually stronger and last longer when you are best friends first, and a couple second." Some people fail to get to know the person they are marrying before they get married. They may know the basic things, but real relationships require someone to know you on a personal level. They learn your secrets, flaws, life story, quirks, fears, and passions. You will never truly know everything about someone. You will continually learn something new about your partner. However, before you make a lifelong commitment, a couple should be aware enough about the other person to know that they want to and can spend the rest of their lives with them.

Divorce rates jumped from 8% in 1900 to 33% in 1970. Since 1970 divorce rates are skyrocketing. There are many reasons why marriages fail. We will never actually be able to pinpoint exactly one reason. Although maybe if we were to take a look at the massive change in society over the years, we would be able to see some changes. In the early to mid-1900's couple courted. They got involved with each other on a spiritual level before a physical level. They attended church together and did other things together to build their relationship before making commitments and giving themselves up. Also, back then, they didn't give up when things got hard. They worked through their problems together. Nowadays, people give up. They are too lazy to realize the actual value of

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