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Children of the Sea - Summery

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Chapter Summaries

Children of the Sea:

1) Two narrators in which they do not say their names in the book are in love and write to each other.

2) The female narrator in the book is mad because his father opposes her love for the man.

3) She finds out that he father gave up all his possessions to protect her from the macoutes.

4) The female narrator’s family finds out that their neighbor was killed by the macoutes.

5) The male narrator who was a member of the youth federation fled Haiti.

6) The boat that he was in had a pregnant girl named Celianne.

7) Celianne was raped by the macoutes and that is how she got pregnant.

8) Celianne’s baby dies while on the boat and she is force to throw it in the water.

9) Since she cared about her baby so much she jumped off the boat with her baby and died.

10) When the female narrator sees a black butterfly she realizes that the male narrator has died.

Nineteen Thirty-Seven:

1) This chapter is narrated be Josephine.

2) Josephine’s mother was imprisoned because people thought she was a witch.

3) A few hours before Josephine’s birth, her mother swam across a river of blood from Haiti to the Dominican Republic.

4) Josephine’s grandmother was slaughtered in the Dominican Republic.

5) Josephine and her mother performed rituals at the massacre river every year.

6) When Josephine visits her mother she never says anything but she brings a statue of the Virgin Mary.

7) Jacqueline was another ritual performer.

8) Jacqueline took Josephine to see her body burned.

9) When Josephine she went to the massacre river with her mother and she expected it to be crimson with blood but when she saw it was the clearest water she ever saw.

10) A woman gave Josephine a pillow filled with hair that her mother saved when they shaved it off in prison.

A Wall of Fire Rising:

1) In this chapter Guy, Lili, and their son whose name is little guy live in a one room shack.

2) They get excited when their son gets to be a revolutionary in a school play.

3) Gut gets extra work cleaning bathrooms at a plantation.

4) Little Guy spends all his time learning his lines for the play.

5) Guy dreams of stealing the plantation’s hot air balloon.

6) Lili doesn’t approve of Guy thinking of stealing the plantation’s hot air balloon.

7) One day she sees Guy flying off in the hot air balloon.

8) Guy sees the neighborhood’s attention and jumps out.

9) Lili tries to cover Little Guy’s eyes from seeing his father dead.

10) Little Gut recites his lines over his father’s dead body.

Night Women:

1) This chapter is based on a girl that is a prostitute and has sex next to her son’s bed while he is sleeping.

2) When her son hears it she tells him that she is getting made up before bedtime because she is waiting for an angel to come.

3) She’s afraid that someday he will find out what she is doing.

4) She gets more afraid at the fact that he is getting older and more sexually aware and that he will find out what she is doing.

5) If her son ever catches her with her regular married men, she will

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