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Creation Myth - the Raccoon and the Blacksmith

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The Raccoon and the Blacksmith

Many years ago there was an amazing blacksmith who made the most beautiful rings anywhere. The rings were very rare and very valuable. The blacksmith only gave them to the most deserving of animals, that is to say, the noblest. For instance, the lions were given a ring to wear around they’re neck, but we call it their mane.

This story, though, has to do with the mischievous raccoon. The raccoon desperately wanted a ring but was clearly undeserving due to his solitude and lack of general helpfulness. The raccoon was thinking about how to get a ring, but he kept having one reoccurring idea: steal it, for this is the way the raccoon thought, not nobly but dishonestly.

On the decided night, the raccoon ventured out to find the blacksmith’s forge. He searched it all over and finally found five rings in a drawer. The raccoon instinctively threw his hand out to snatch the rings, but he dropped one. Because of the thickness of the ring it made a loud thud when it hit the ground.

The blacksmith immediately

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