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Creation Myth

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It all started when Shryma, our creator, was bored from just creating all these different kinds of games. (Shryma is basically a very powerful spirit that controls what happens on the earth.) He decided to call these games, sports. He also decided to make him self entertained, he would create something to play these sports, and he would be their God. Shryma had to think of how to make these , what he wanted to call, people. All that he had created, so far, was just a big sphere with a sky and salt water below the sky. Shryma also had a sun and moon in the sky during certain times of the day.

He tried taking the clouds in the sky and making people from that, but they were too delicate, and in no shape to play football. Then he tried sun rays, but the people were too bright, and if they looked at each other they would be blinded. Then he had a brilliant idea, instead of people being blobs, they would look like him. Only a solid figure. So he created something called flesh, and made people from that. Shryma made thirty different people. These were different then the people today however, they were giants. Shryma made them into two different teams: the Sly Foxes and the Soaring Eagles. The players on each team lived only with the other players from their team and did everything together, so they were pretty much family.

Shryma made a main field for them to play every kind of sport you could think of. He also made separate bits of land in the neutral zone (which was salt water) for locker rooms, and practice fields. He made rivers so the Foxes and the Eagles would have water to drink and to catch fish in to eat. Shryma created mountains to be used for goals, baskets, ten yard marks, bases, and nets.

When the Foxes and Eagles play a game, whoever wins gives the other team the score amount in coins. The coins were not used for money, only a sign of victory. Also who ever won would have to

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