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A giant black bubble filled with desolation, self-hate, and the capacity to absorb all of one’s self confidence does not just come in on a bad day. Depression is more than just a sad movie or dropping a box of hot wings, it is endless days of loneliness, months of happiness rejections and sometimes years of self-loathing. This condition can prevail due to various environmental conditions, unstable mental health, or lack of moral support, these respectively can happen due to bullying, losing a loved one, negative friends circles or sometimes even abusive home conditions. It can basically be anything, and it certainly not a joke.

An individual can seem vividly happy and out going on a daily basis but, can be dying within and you will never know. Your co-worker might walk in to work each morning with a bright smile on his face and appear to be completely alright and you will never know if he is suicidal.

Depression is a mental disorder that is taken lightly by the

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