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Faculty Vs Athletics (no Pay No Play)

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Brandin Thomas

Professor Ranta

English 1302

28 January 2018

Faculty vs Athletics (No Pay No Play)

` “No pay No play”, college players says to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), demanding college athletes receive paychecks for playing sports at their universities. This issue draws interest because schools take money from the people taxes so if the people have to pay college athletes The city taxes will rise, or if the government decides not to take the money from the community, they will take the money from faculty members and drop their salaries. Both of these options seem bad , but college athletes are bringing in much more money than they are receiving. At first everyone was saying, “This is ridiculous ! Why should athletes receive more pay, tons of them already receive free schooling.” Athletes continued to argue for pay and changed people's opinions with some interesting facts about how it actually is to be an college athlete. I know that college athletes struggle a lot financially because I see my brother T.J, who plays at Oklahoma State, struggling . He don’t have time to work due to practice and workouts, so he never have money for anything. I am going to have to research how much money college athletes bring to their universities and how much is their scholarships and weight my options for my opinion about whether college athletes should receive pay and if so how much .

The average division one college football player dedicates 43.3 hours to playing football every week. 43.3 hours a week is above the average for a American full time jobs ( College athletes don’t have the time to get a part time job like an average college student does. With that being said, everyday living items students need such as food, soap and toothpaste are scarce due to the fact that It's hard to come by money without any income nor time. “We do have hungry nights that we don't have enough money to get food in”, star guard Shabazz Napier says ( With the amount of cash these athletes are bringing into their universities, they should never have to worry about going to sleep with their stomachs growling like an angry dog. Although college athletes don’t have the time to work to buy themselves food, most colleges feed their athletes daily for free. If athletes are getting food for free why would they complain about hungry nights ? Kan Kolter who is an college football player says,”eating the same food day after day is hell.” ( you throw yourself in their shoes, eating the same food everyday would be tiring after a couple of days. On top of the same food everyday , most colleges feed their athletes after the last practice of the day. Where do college athletes get the money to eat throughout the day or to buy personal things like clothing, decent pair of shoes, or even deodorant ?

If we paid college athletes it would motivate them to stay in college and finish getting their education rather than skipping college and going straight to the pros. Currently the biggest college stars have almost no incentive to stay in school, but this could change if college athletes were allowed to be paid beyond their scholarship. Therefore, college athletes should be paid because there would be a dramatic increase in the graduation rate of student athletes ( For example, Lebron James had almost every college looking at him coming out of High School to play basketball, however Lebron James skipped College. James said his family was struggling financially. When Lebron James mother couldn’t pay rent the Walkers and Lebron's mom

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