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Good Will Hunting

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In ‘Good Will Hunting’ we see Will, the main character go through a journey of personal growth. At the start of the film he is a troubled young man who cannot commit to a relationship due to his poor up bringing and in turn he pushes people away before they get a chance to know him. By the end of the film he has grown to trust people and sees that he has to take risk to get ahead in life, this change is brought about by specific moments, events and discussions.

At the start of the film Will is a confused young man. He is very intelligent but due to his poor up bringing he chooses to hide from his gift, by ‘hanging around with a bunch of uneducated gorillas’ and working as a janitor. He is some what stuck between two worlds, the world with his uneducated though loyal friends and the possible world of being in university or in a challenging job that utilizes his intelligence.

The first event that brings about a change in Will is when he meets Skylar. At this point in the film he still has commitment and trust issues. He is scared to get to know her anymore because he doesn’t want to realize that she’s not that smart and that she’s boring and see her faults because so far she’s perfect. After talking with Sean he realizes that it’s “these imperfections are the good things because they are

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