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Good Will Hunting

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Essay title: Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting

Over the summer I saw the Movie Good Will Hunting. This movie was very different then many other movies ive seen. It was a very inspirational movie. I like the movie because Matt Damon and Ben Afflick originally had to do a college assignment and they turned it into script. The second reason I liked this movie was because he was a poor young guy who was very intelligent. Another reason why I like the movie was because he was helped to better his life from a teacher.

Ben Afflick and Matt Damon were friends for a long time. They grew up in the same neighborhood and had the same interests. They both wanted to become actors. Ben Afflick dropped out of college while Matt Damon attended Harvard University. One day Matt was given a College assignment, he went home and reread the script with his friend Ben. They thought about selling there the script to Miramax. They finally sold the script and it became a best seller and an academy award winner. This is inspirational not only to me but to other college students because its basically saying that if u put your mind to it u can do anything you want.

This movie is about a young janitor who lived in one of the poorest areas in Boston. He was a very intelligent young man who had a gift for mathematics. One of the teachers puts an assignment out on the black board and wanted the students to answer the problem. The janitor goes up to the black board and tried to figure out the problem. He takes the problem home and tries to solve the problem on his mirror. The next day he put the answer on the board, when the teacher had arrived he had asked the class who answered the question

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