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How to Increse Customer Satisfaction

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Why was the subject chosen?

Why did we choose to write about the Lyngby Culture House and Cinema? Some members of our group visited the cinema couple of times and noticed that cinema hall was pretty empty, especially during the week. So when we were thinking about the subject we wanted to write about, it was one of the things which came into our minds and our group wanted to write a project, which can actually help to improve situation in an entertainment enterprise, which is not doing that good. We think, that Lyngby Culture House and Cinema have a really good potential to attract lots of people during the whole week. It has a really good position in the center of Lyngby, on the main shopping street. In Lyngby, there are two big schools which are Lyngby Business Academy and DTU, which means that lots of students are in this area and there is quite a big number of students living in the dormitories. Another thing is that there is not too big competition in the cultural field in this area, so we think that both Culture House and Cinema might be full at all times. In addition, we would like to find out what they can do to attract more people.

Problem statement:

How can Lyngby Culture House attract more people?


1. Could the Culture House and Kinopalжet, the cinema inside the cultural house, cooperate better together in order to attract more customers..

2. Is it possible for the cultural house to offer more events without the economic help from the community.


We believe that the Culture House has the opportunity to attract more people on daily basis. This project will examine whether there is an interest amongst people to go there more often. In addition, whether there is a possibility for the Culture House to offer more events for the public without economic support from the community.


When we write the word Culture House we will be talking about the Culture House itself and its cutural activities.

Inside the Culture House there are few businesses which are shops, restaurants and a cinema. When we include the other businesses in the Culture House we will mention that specifically, otherwise we are only talking about the Culture House itself and its internal activities. We will refer to the Culture House Building when including the businesses inside the the house.

When writing Kinopalжet/Lyngby cinema we are referring to the cinema that is situated in the Culture House Building.

When writing the word people, we mainly mean the persons that live in and around Lyngby, local people that visit the Culture House Building and the students that live at dormitories in Lyngby community.

With the word attract we mean that we want to examine how the Culture House and the Cinema can get more people to come there on regular basis.

When talking about event, we mean a cultural event for example a theater, various performances, lectures or exhibitions. Performance can be a concert involving performances of young upcoming bands.

Scope/ Limitations

The scope in this project has to concern the culture house in Lyngby and its activities. We will look at young people in Lyngby, because there are two universities in Lyngby. We will not ask people in Copenhagen, because they probably prefer to go to a cinema in Copenhagen. Young people in Lyngby and its surroundings will be our target group.

We will more operate on what can be done for the future and not the past because we know how the Culture house started. However, know we know that the economy is not going to well and want to find out what can be done to get more attention on the Culture House and its activities, especially for young people in Lyngby.


Superiour methodology:

We will be inductive in the way that we will analyse the market for the Culture House and apply our knowledge and our solutions into the project, see what could be good for the Culture House and what we think that they can do to improve their business.

The deductive part is in the sence that we will apply the SMS model where we will go through the steps and see from that model what it is that they are doing wrong.

Exploratory and Causal research will be the two main research that we will be using. Exploratory, where we will talk about the Culture

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