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Is There Too Much Reality Tv?

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Is there too much reality TV?

On the other hand shows like big brother only occur for a certain part of the year, however when big brother is on it is on for a long time therefore it consumes a lot of TV airtime. Even so a lot of the British public enjoy big brother and text in there votes every week. It might also be argued that people only watch reality TV because there is nothing else on TV at these times.

On big brother alcohol is the most comely drunk beverage no one drinks water when there’s a bottle of wine to be had this influence young adults with access to alcohol Each year, students spend Ј3 billion on alcohol that’s a lot more than they spend on soft-drinks, tea, milk, juice, and coffee. How ever alcohol in reality TV shows some young adults that if they get drunk bad things can happen and people can’t control them selves therefore it may put off some young adults from excessive drinking although youths may want to be like the new celebrities on the TV by drinking and copying there behaviour.

Violence is a big issue and not only in reality TV many children see a large quantity of people being murdered on TV, on the contrary murders only occur on reality TV which is fiction e.g. Recreations of past times like the wars. It might also be argued that violence on reality TV is only shown after the watershed which means that parents are responsible for their kids if their children watch these violent shows. Therefore most parents complaining about violence on reality TV are the causes of children watching the violence and possibly copying what they see, and shouldn’t let their children watch the shows after nine o’clock.

Television is making England fat. Harvard University researchers

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