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Reality Tv - Authentic Television Shows

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Essay title: Reality Tv - Authentic Television Shows

Authentic Television Shows

Reality TV has developed a lot and has changed as the nation changed. Unscripted reality TV has amused surprised and offended millions of viewers through the years. As time changed, so did the content of the program. Viewers want to know more about the participants and the participants have allowed themselves to be recognized by the public eyes. Reality TV shows are becoming more of a success and going to stay because of High ratings, Money and Instant fame.

First, the success of reality show is boosted by high ratings. Setting is a contributing factor to the higher ratings. It allows people to get the feel of different places, without actually being there. For example the show Real World. The show takes place in US and some different parts of the world. The show takes 6 people with different backgrounds and ethnicity and put them together to see how well they get along with each other. Audience loves to see the different sites when the casts go from places to places to have fun.

Intensive conflict is another reason for the cause of higher rating. The characters in the reality shows go through difficult situations and face many kinds of problems. The characters in the reality show Real World sometimes have conflicts between each other. The characters have different ideals and don't agree with each other's decisions, causing them to get into fights verbally and physically. As more conflicts are shown in the show, people become more curious and have the desire to watch the show over and over to see how the conflicts are resolved.

Money is another factor for the success of reality shows. People get a lot of money for being part of one of the reality shows. Millions of dollars are given to these people for setting themselves out in the public eye hoping to get lot of attention and money. American Idol characters sing in front of the many viewers and hope to win the audiences heart. The viewers choose the winner not only for good singing skills, but also on how good they look and good character. The winner instantaneously gets a lot of attention by getting record deals and makes a lot of money. As Heather McIntosh the author of "Popularity of Reality TV" stated, "In fact some reality TV "stars" make more money by appearing in talk shows and reunion specials"(2). Money is also given to people so that they can't leak out any information or phone anyone and share the secrets of the show with anybody. This ruins the suspense of the show. All these aspects lead to drama and fun for

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