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Job Fair

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For this assignment, I continued to explore the fictional company of Lilly Brock’s. In case you need a refresher, Lilly Brocks will be a restaurant located in Draffenville Kentucky. The slogan for this business is “Fancy to Down-Home Dining.” Throughout this paper I will be providing you with detailed information about the structure, business model, and culture as well as opinions and benefits of why I chose what I did.

This restaurant was created to occupy both the fancy and down home atmosphere because Draffenville needs a restaurant that offers the fancy and down-home atmosphere. The restaurant will overlook down town Draffenville for a pleasant dining pleasure. The restaurant has a “fancy banquet room for private and cooperate banquets or dining as well as a down home dining room with a cozy fireplace and hearth. The outside consists of a log cabin style structure with a green metal roof. I chose this kind of structure because the business can either be classified as fancy dining or down ole’ fashion dining. The business will consist of servers, cooks, dishwashers, preps, and a host or hostess. In addition, there will be a kitchen manager and front manager to manage the business.

The business plan will be about our teams, our guests and our shareholders. Generating exceptional results begins with taking care of our teams who will in turn take care of our guests, resulting in increased value for our shareholders. Lilly Brock’s will strive to develop the strongest culture in the business and to out execute our competition. We focus on quality staffing, controlling team turnover and increasing employee and customer satisfaction. I feel that using this business plan will entitle Lilly Brock’s its best business of all. I believe that if we show our willingness and comfort to the public, we will get more out of them. Lilly Brock’s

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