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Kate Chopin’s the Storm

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The Storm

In Kate Chopin’s “ The Storm” the Setting creates a mood that is relevant to the stories main idea by showing how “The Storm” actually makes a very important part of her situation and her actions to go with it. The two characters most important of the story are Calixta and Alcee. The story basically shows how the storm was a moment of weakness for the main characters and their brief love affair. The story happens in southern louisina. It took place during 19th century times when adultery was not permitted and women were expected to be faithful. The combination of the setting and the storm itself can reflect how the love affair occurred. The storm set the mood for the actions between the two to take place it is not just the title but also the setting that created the moment that was the main important detail that occurred in the story. The passion that was once had between Calixta and Alcee was reignited during this loud crashing storm outside as he held her near and comforted her. While the storm rages and grows outside the storm between them sparked as well. They had memories together that began to recirculate between them. Those memories became so intense between them that the sexual advances and desire took place very quickly. While the storm outside was happening the storm inside was tearing up her marriage as the outside of her home was thrashed. As the storm stopped "the sun was turning the glistening green world into a palace of gems” (Kate Chopin). After being apart and not having anything to do with each other for years the storm brought Alcee and Calixta back together and as quickly as the storm started and ended they had to go back to their own lives just the same.

The mood was set by using other elements as descriptions. The most important part of the story took place

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