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Learning Community - Wedding Essay

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During the weekend of the Spring Splash music festival here at UC Riverside, I went home to the Bay Area to attend my aunt Nishi’s wedding. At first, I was not very excited since I was missing out on Spring Splash because I really wanted to see DJ Snake and RL Grime with my friends. However, I always go by the phrase “family first,” and this was definitely one of those instances where family is first. My aunt, Nishi, had taken care of me since I was a little baby growing up, and missing out on her wedding would have been disrespectful.

Before the wedding, she had asked me if I could be one of her “brothers” for the wedding. This has always been something special to me. She always thought of me as a brother, even though I am a nephew. My flight to San Jose was on the evening of Friday, May 6, and I arrived at 9:30P.M. I was greeted by my family and my uncles from Canada who were also visiting for the wedding. Weddings in my family are always something to look forward to, because I have a large extended family from parts of Canada, such as Vancouver and Toronto, and it was always a great time catching up with them.

The wedding was the next morning, and my family and I had to be at the bride’s house early in the morning for pictures because we are part of the close family. Since I was part of the brothers, I was matching with the rest of them. My aunt told us to wear dark blue suits and she provided us with red ties. It was beautiful to see all of us matching. I also was able to see and catch up with the rest of the Canadian families at the house, since I had not been able to see them the nights before. After the pictures were over, we headed to the Sikh Temple of San Jose for the wedding ceremony.

At the temple, we waited for the groom, Sukhpreet, to arrive. I had already met him many times before, and I think he is definitely the perfect match

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