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Lord of the Flies Cornerstone

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Justina Kim

Grade 10 Literature

Mr. Cushing

November 3, 2017

Lord of the Flies Cornerstone

My project is a website containing a plot, symbolism, and character analysis. For the plot overview, the exposition is when the boys' plane crashes and they are stranded on an island and the rising actions are when the boys start a fire with Piggy's glasses, when the boys think that there is a beastie, and when Jack and some boys get out of the group. The climax is when Simon encounters the Lord of the Flies and realizes that the beastie does not exist; he tries to tell the other boys, but the boys kill him. The falling action would be Piggy getting killed and Jack and the hunters turning on Ralph and begin hunting him; and lastly, the resolution is the boys getting rescued. This plot overview relates to the topic “Savagery versus Civilization” because both Simon and Piggy gets killed and Ralph also gets hunted.

They symbolism analysis is: the conch shell symbolizes the civilization, power, and order in the novel. The boy who blows the conch has the right to speak. Piggy's glasses symbolizes advancement, innovation, and discovery. The boys uses Piggy's glasses to make fire and without it, Piggy is useless. The signal fire symbolizes the hope of rescue and of destruction. At the end of the novel, the signal fire attracts a ship and the boys are able to get rescued. The beast represents the instinct of savagery and the boys are afraid of the beast. Only Simon finds out that the beast does not exist and is just their imagination. Ralph's hair represents savagery, departure from civilization, and the relationship to society. Ralph thinks negatively about his hair because it grew long enough that he wanted to cut it. The clothing represents order, rules, and democracy. At first, the boys needed to wear their clothes to avoid getting sunburned, but their skin and minds slowly adapted to the surroundings. The body paint symbolizes savagery. It is more than camouflage and it does not just make Jack look like something else,

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