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Nuclear Weapons

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The skys were as red as the blood spilled upon the streets. The earth a charred wasteland. Fires burn bright in the distance while the few clouds hold a promise of rain yet never deliver. Building that once stood proudly are reduced to ruins and ashes. People are nowhere to be seen in this place. Animals and the plants that once grew here are gone. What caused this? War. Nobody heeded the warnings and they used nuclear weapons. At first it was only the immediate area that was affected like this. Soon it spread, the water turning an acidic poisonous green, the plants dying, illnesses becoming more frequent and without cure. The gas and smoke turning the sky red, the sun barely seen through the haze. Stillbirths became common and the population on earth decreased rapidly. People made plans to move to another planet, but it was not to be. Every time they tried something or another happened

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