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The Breakfast Club

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The Breakfast Club

In this movie I think that character that best represents me would be Andrew. In his situation, the bully John was beating up on the girl Claire, whom he was sitting next to. When John started to get into her face, Andrew was sticking up for her and telling him to back off. I think that if I was in that situation, I would also stand up for my friend if they felt uncomfortable. I think that that is what a true friend would do, and everybody says that I am loyal to each and every friend, so I believe I would not just let them sit there and take all that stuff. I would not be a bystander, instead, help out my friend. On the other hand, I would not want to boost my confidence by hurting another student. Even if my parents thought it was the right thing to do, if I felt uncomfortable thinking about it, the I for sure would doing it. And I never like to do anything where I feel uncomfortable.

In the other sense, I would be somewhat like Ally. Although she appeals to the audience as strange, I am quite and reserved like her. When I do not know a lot of the people, I tend to keep to myself and im not very talkative. Although I would not bite myself or scratch my head, I would not talk to anybody unless I felt up to it. Although, everything that comes out of my mouth would be lies. Yes, every teenager tells lies, and I not going to lie by saying I don’t, but not every single thing I say is a lie, that is just absurd.

I think that in another way, I would be like Brian. No, I am not a total perfectionist like him, but I would be in a science club, because I really enjoy science. My grandpa was the president on SDSU for a while, and is still very interested in physics and science. He is the one that sparked my love for science. Also, I am somewhat of a perfectionist. If I do not get the results that I want, I can get down on myself some times. For instance, in softball, when I do get out, or make an occasional error, I do get mad at myself and get somewhat down. I know though that that is the wrong thing to do, and I should think how I can improve it next time. That is the way that I get myself up, and others on my team that are down as well. Although I get down, I would never get to the extreme of bringing in a gun to school. You are given life for a reason, and there is no point putting an end to it over one little mistake.

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