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The Breakfast Club

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Essay title: The Breakfast Club

Society is always trying in some way or other to grind teenagers down to a demeaning surface. Unfortunately, this stereotype may never change. The Breakfast Club written and directed by John Hughes expresses exactly that theme. Fortunately, youth of every age understand exactly what they are going through and have the ability to change what is being thrust on them by the socialization process which begins in the home and is reinforced at school, not only by students and parents, but teachers like Mr. Vernon as well.

In The Breakfast Club five unique personalities, each secure in his identity and yet filled with insecurities, spend a lazy Saturday confined to Detention at Shermer High School in Shermer, Illinois, for various and school violations. Yet each character has a troubled life as foreshadowed by his very presence in detention. Families mold, intentionally or not, their children into little reflections of themselves. School, through peer pressure, through the various academic and social clubs, serve to enhance the socialization process taking place at home. Students are labeled and are not allowed to change who they are “suppose” to be. Students hang out only with people who look, dress, and live in situations like themselves. There are nerds, basket cases, athletes, etc. There are also certain extra curricular activities for certain students to belong to. Mr. Vernon, the teacher in charge of the students, inadvertently assigns an essay with the subject "who am I". Inadvertently because as Carl, the custodian and the "eyes and ears of the institution", reveals that the students haven't changed but that he, the teacher, has changed. Perhaps Mr. Vernon should

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