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Treasure Island

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Treasure Island

“The Hispaniola still lay where she had anchored; but, sure enough there was the Jolly Roger- the black flag of piracy- flying from her peak”, (Stevenson, 162). In Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, Jim Hawkins sets out on the adventure of a lifetime. Jim is a teenager who finds a treasure map that leads to a pirate’s buried treasure. He goes on the boat, The Hispaniola, where he witnesses mutiny and murder. In the end, he returns to England with his share of the gold. This is overall a pretty good book, it has great suspense, a good ending, but I did not like the old English wording.

Treasure Island was exciting because of the unending suspense, it kept me wanting more. Like the time Jim was in the apple barrel and overhears the mutineers, “I lay there trembling and listening in the extreme of fear and curiosity,” (Stevenson, 101). I kept on reading, scared for Jim. Also, Jim was going back to the allies’ camp, but when he got there the pirates had taken over. “The glare of the torch showed me the worst of my apprehensions realized,” (Stevenson, 235). I liked Treasure Island because of the exciting suspense.

I love books that end “happily ever after” and Treasure Island does, well for the good guys anyway. In the end the main characters survive, get the gold, and make it safely back to England. As Jim said about the gold they found, “By every evening a fortune had been stowed aboard, but there was another fortune waiting for the marrow,” (Stevenson, 291). Most of the pirates died on Treasure Island, except for three they marooned on the island, and Long John Silver who got off the boat in South America. It was a good thing he left, because he would have just caused more problems. As for the three marooned pirates, “We saw them kneeling

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