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User Authentication Through Typing Patterns

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The argument surrounding this research topic is that the use of keystroke rhythm is a natural choice for computer security. This argument stems from observations that similar neuro-physiological factors that make written signatures unique are also exhibited in a user’s typing pattern. The keystroke dynamics of a computer user’s login string provide a characteristic pattern that can be used for verification of the user’s identity. Keystroke patterns combined with other security schemes can provide a very powerful and effective means of authentication and verification of computer users. Keystroke dynamics are rich with individual mannerism and traits and they can be used to extract features that can be used to authenticate/verify access to computer systems and networks. The methods used to prove the theory that typing patterns can be used as a means of verification is the many scholarly articles and findings of individuals that have taken an interest in this method of identification. Through these findings we are able to understand the pitfalls and work on implementing this form of identification.


There are a multitude of biometric techniques either widely

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