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As Indicated by Un Sources

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As indicated by UN sources, the conflict between India and Pakistan in a constant effort to reclaim the territory of Kashmir has been labeled as the one of the world longest unresolved international disputes, with an essence in 1947. Where? Kashmir lies between the northern borders of Pakistan and India, and has a predominant Muslim population and a comparative diversity of Buddhist, Hindus, and Sikhs. Why there? During the British Raj over the territory, Kashmir served as a princely state for colonial power, and was occupied by a Hindu ruler who directly operated under the British realm. However, after “India” gained its independence in 1947, a partition followed that sought to divide Hindu-Indians and Muslim-Pakistanis in an effort to prevent further devastating quarrels. Although, Kashmir’s prevalent Muslim populace preferred to join a similarly predominant Muslim country of Pakistan, Kashmir's Hindu ruler, Harry Singh, encouraged a neutral alliance with both neighboring territories. The following invasion of Kashmir by Pakistan led to a series of Indo-Pakistan wars, and in an attempt to prevent additional rise of conflict, Harry

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