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Can Asians Think

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Based on the reading “Can Asians Think”, the author, Kishore Mahbubani, talks about why Asians can, maybe, and cannot think. He says that Asians cannot think and he based his argument with facts more on history rather than current events. He says that ever since then, we Asians have fallen behind our western counterpart in every different way, and that we have a long way to go to catch up to them. He also discusses how we might be able to think relating it to a more modern time. He says that this era is born with hope and potential, but it is also the time of being the most bloody and hateful century, a time of trick and tricks, and a time of cruelty and annihilation. He questions the possibility with the thought of giving one Asian nation of being successful, not naming Japan. He also discusses how Asians can think. He talks about the present time in which eastern Asians has been growing economically and how it might set of a ripple effect to other Asian countries.

As an Asian myself, I think that Asians can think not only in this century, but also in older centuries. For the past few years, Asian countries have been a staple in the world market and are one of the biggest economic countries. We have developed multiple minds that can create and solve countless problems. In the past, we may not have been as innovative as our western counterparts, but what we had were minds that were great at conquering and strategizing especially when it comes to territories and battles. We had greater stories of war and dynasties way before the westerns were exploring and roaming the earth. All in all, Asians can think not only now but also then, and if Asians really can’t think, then why do the west associate math, the most systematic lesson of all, with the Asians.

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