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Comparison Between Buddhism and Jainism

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The religions of Jainism and Buddhism follow very similar paths but do have contrasting beliefs that makes them both very unique. The key founders of Jainism and Buddhism, Mahavira and Guatama, were contemporaries that came from the same social class. Their backgrounds and so similar which may explain with the religions share similar doctrines. Through researching their teachings and beliefs I will draw out the similarities as well as the distinctions that comprise Buddhism and Jainism.

Buddhism and Jainism share many attributes, as discussed previously their leaders come from similar backgrounds forming an undeniable bond. They also both originated in the same geographic region of India. Beyond this they both disputed the old Brahmanic religion, mainly detesting their animal sacrifices which were a central element of the religion. Buddhism and Jainism rejected the caste system, which eventually led to the formation of Hinduism. They also both rejected the existence of God, but acknowledge the presence of gods, who are higher than the status of humans but can change and evolve. Buddhism and Jainism recognize the universality of karma and its effect of human beings. Lastly, both of these

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