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Dr. Martin Luther King

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My impression of Dr. Martin Luther King was always and still is that he was a great leader for the African American people. He was a big leader in the civil rights movement. He was also very involved in the community. Even though I have much respect for Dr. King, I felt he was a "house" or "yard" negro leader, the term Malcolm

X used, and was only interested with civil rights issues.

The term "house" and "yard" negroes was what Malcolm

X called black leaders who were just puppets for the white man. They were there just to keep peace among African American people. Like I stated early I have much respect for Dr. King but I still felt he was like the rest of the black leaders who just preached about nonviolence. The ones who always say, look have far we come from the old days, but in actuality we were no better then, than we were back in the old days. I just felt hat violence was never an option when it came to Dr. King and his beliefs. Until I read his comments and he states, "we still have a choice today; nonviolent coexistence or violent co annihilation."

I also thought Dr. King was more interested in civil rights than he was human rights. "How is the black man going to get "civil right" before first he wins his human right?"(Malcolm

X). But after reading his comments my views have changed. He stated, "The limited reforms we have won have been at bargain rates for the power of structure. There are no expenses involved, no taxes are required, for Negroes to share lunch counters, libraries, parks, hotels

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