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History 7a American Civil War

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                                                                                Kimberly Ramires        


                                                                                History 7A

                                                                                Professor Holmes

Explain the initial goals of the Civil War and how they played out. What were the relative

roles of social elites and the lower classes in the American Civil War? How were they different

in North and South, and how were they the same? And how were the roles of the white lower

classes different from those of blacks, and how were they the same? And what were the

consequences of the Civil War for elites, white lower classes, and black people in the North and

in the South? Be sure to answer all parts of this question        

        American Civil War        

The American Civil War is best known for its big impact to our country United States of America. This has caused a big change in our society in many ways. Over 60,000 books just based on the Civil War has been sold over the country for many years and is commonly taught in our history courses in school. Its historical events are very important to understand and influence our social lives today. It is well known that the American Civil War had various reasons for it’s epic battle that took place in the United States of America that lasted from 1861 through 1865. This catastrophic event had many purposes that eventually led to consequences through out the time. But, what were the main goals and causes that took place in the American Civil War?

Our first focus will be on getting to know a clear history of the American Civil War. A total of four years of this ongoing war had various causes but one major reason was for slavery. The Northern and Southern battled for what they believe what was correct. As this happened, it had created so much tension between the states after a certain period. Abraham Lincoln had become the president of United States of America on March 4, 1861 and was an extraordinary politician by the way. Seven Southern states by the name of South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, and Texas announced that they will remove their states out of the United States of America and recreate a different country with the name “Confederates of America”. Shortly after, four other states by the name of Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina and, Virginia joined the Southern movement on having their own country as well. This had created “The Fire of War” between the Northern and Southern states. After the end of the war in 1865, about 620,000 soldiers fought for they’re lives while another million soldiers were critically injured. It had become the biggest war in America and had destroyed the United States economically as well.

Now that slavery is one of the many points why the Northern and Southern states battled in Civil War what was the goal and outcome in this aspect? First and for most, the first African slave stepped foot in a territory in the United States of America was in 1619. One of the main purposes was to work in the tobacco field and it was important cash crop at the time. It came to a time where the North began to shift away from farming and moving towards economic development such as goods being created by machines. Unfortunately, this had cost the Southern colonies a huge lost for there markets by losing so much profit. By this time, the North had already started to move forward by inventing new things to improve their economy. The South wanted to advance as well to also improve their economy in a positive way. Until the invention by the name of “The Cotton Gin” in 1793 by Eli Whitney. This creation was an easier and faster way to remove the seed away from the cotton. [1]We would think that this invention would decrease slaves from working in the cotton fields or even for them to experience what freedom was like but instead the Southern increased the number of slaves so much to plant or simply harvest cotton. By 1808, the congress did not allowed people to import slaves from Africa but since there was already many slaves in the United States of America already. This means that brining more slaves from a different country would only increase their population even more by 1860 to four million.

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