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The American Civil War

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Essay title: The American Civil War

The American Civil War, one of the bloodiest wars the United States has ever had to go through. The American Civil War started in 1861 and lasted until 1865. This conflict was a," separatist conflict between the United States Federal Government (Union) and eleven slave states that declared there secession and formed the Confederate States of America." We all know that the Union eventually came out on top in 1865 with the surrender of Robert E. Lee, but why did the South lose? (Wiki)

The South seceded from the Union and created the Confederate States of America on February 9, 1861 with the sight of a "fire-eater" dominated country. Unfortunately for the South the big plans they had in mind seemed to fail and put them into the loss of the Civil War. One of the big plans the South had was to hold back the huge cotton supply from Great Britain, to force them to inevitably help out the South.

Unfortunately for the South, this plan backfired. The South miscalculated too much for this to work, and I'll tell you why: For one, the South was only 2/3 of the cotton import Britain had, and when the South refused to sell the cotton, Britain just made it so that the 1/3 of the cotton export became the 3/3 and ruled out the South. Secondly, the South forgot that cotton was one of the major commodities they had to sell, and with the stop of trade on the export, there were no funds coming in to support their war.

Probably the biggest deciding factor in the Civil war that created the losing scenario for the South was military sizes. The South had many famous Generals on their side, but not enough troops. The Union had already imposed a draft and had even started to let blacks join on the union side. During the Whole

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