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Kenniwick Man to Belong with Tribe or Scientists

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I think the body of the Kennewick man should be kept with the scientists. First of all they're are already in possession of the body. They've been in possession of the body for awhile now. There is a law that says that the natives can have anything on there land however it was not on there land maybe at one point it was but when it was found it was on public property.

The body wasn't even proven as a native yet. So until he is proven as native he can stay with the scientists so we can learn more about our ancestors. The natives can't claim the body If there is no proof. Which brings me to my next point at a hearing for the legal battle over the body the native tribes couldn't provide evidence that it was there body.

If the body wasn't found on their land then they shouldn't be allowed to have it. It says in the video that two teenagers were trying to sneak into an airboat

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