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The Strong Man

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Essay title: The Strong Man

The Strong Man

Study Guide Concepts of Science


2.1 Aristotle's Classification of Motion

Aristotle a Greek scientist classified motion as Natural and Unnatural Motion

Natural Motion –requires no force Unnatural Motion – requires force

Aristotle also said and believed that it was natural for heavy objects to fall faster than lighter ones

2.2 Galileo's Concept of Inertia

Galileo an Italian scientist discredited Aristotle idea that heavy objects fall faster than lighter ones and force is necessary to maintain motion

Galileo in disproving Aristotle also discovered the first idea of Inertia

Inertia – The property of things to remain at rest if at rest, and in motion if in motion

2.3 Galileo Formulated the Concepts of Speed and Velocity

Galileo was first to measure speed by considering distance covered over time

Speed – Speed = distance/time (d/t) speed is also an average

Velocity - Velocity = speed (distance/time) and direction

Vector Quantity-a quantity that specifies direction as well as magnitude (velocity is a vector quantity)

Constant Speed means steady speed Constant Velocity means constant speed and constant direction (straight line

2.4 Motion Relative

Galileo was the one that used experiments

We are both moving and at rest due to that we are relative to sun which we are moving

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